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Make french language learning really exciting with ECOLE. If you want to learn French with qualified teachers and speak it in just 3 months – you’ve come to the right place!

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What is our French language course?

Private French lessons

Our courses are structured as individual lessons. Past experience has proven that this is the most effective method for language learning.

Studying with the best

Study with the teachers at C1-C2 level and expirience of 5 years+

Flexible schedule

You have the flexibility to modify your French class dates and adjust your schedule. Feel free to choose a different time each week; simply inform the teacher the day before the lesson.

Our prices

Price of Ukrainian language course online

Trial lesson






✅ To start, you’ll have a trial lesson to ensure you’re comfortable with our lesson format, program, and the teacher. Following that, payment for one month’s tuition is required.

📌 In the event you’re not satisfied with the trial lesson, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee. However, payments for the purchased course are non-refundable.

Who is this course for?

Our French classes are suitable for you if:

French for beginners

If you want to learn the French language from scratch, we can help you learn it.

French for advanced learners

If you’ve previously studied the language and have a certain proficiency level, we’ll pick up where you left off and won’t cover material you’re already familiar with

French for children

We work with adults and children from the age of 6. We’ve created a customized program for children, tailored to meet the unique needs of each child.


How are the lessons conducted?


New material

Teacher shares the screen and first explains the new material. We study with modern textbooks + thematic presentations. We use diagrams and pictures for visual perception. We also use audio and video materials. Teacher will send you all materials and textbooks.



Then you do exercises together to practice the new material (in text, audio or video formats). You learn new vocabulary and practice it in conversation.



At the end of the lesson, you get a homework assignment for independent consolidation. You can do it both electronically or in writing in a notebook, take photos and send them to the teacher. It’s up to you.


Why us?

Start your journey to mastering French with our online courses!

French, the language of love and culture, unlocks new possibilities and opportunities. Whether you’re planning a trip to France, collaborating with French partners, or simply aiming to enhance your language skills, our online French courses are the ideal platform for your learning journey.

Why choose our French courses?

  1. Qualified Instructors: Learn from experienced teachers with extensive knowledge of French and effective teaching methods to accelerate your progress.
  2. Flexibility of Online Learning: Our courses are conducted online, allowing you to learn from the comfort of your home. Enjoy the flexibility to set your own schedule and study at your convenience.
  3. Individual Attention: Every student is valued. Our instructors are dedicated to working with you personally to help you achieve your goals and enhance your language proficiency.
  4. Interactive Learning Materials: Immerse yourself in our lessons with a variety of materials, including audio recordings, texts, and video lessons. This interactive approach accelerates your learning process.

Ready to Begin? Start with Our Free Trial Course!

We believe you’ll fall in love with French just as we have, eagerly anticipating each lesson. Discover the beauty of the language and acquire a valuable skill that will open new doors for you.

Enroll now for our trial course and embark on your French adventure!


See what our beautiful students have to say about us

Having recently relocated to Paris for work. Despite using English at work, I recognized the absolute necessity of mastering French for everyday life in France. The locals sometimes feign ignorance of English, almost as a matter of principle. This linguistic barrier led me to choose Ecole. From scratch, I managed to learn French up to B1 level within 8 months. The flexibility of online learning, combined with the instructors' dedication and interactive materials, not only made the process effective but also genuinely enjoyable. Highly recommended!
Jake Anderson
Software Engineer
I stumbled upon Ecole in my quest to conquer the beautiful French language, and boy, am I glad I did! As someone born and raised in the States, delving into a new language was both exciting and challenging. What set École apart for me was the personalized approach. My teacher didn't just teach a class; she crafted an experience tailored to my learning style and goals. Over the course of a few months, I progressed from basic phrases to holding meaningful conversations. I recommend École. Merci beaucoup, École! You've made a Francophile out of me.
Emma Thompson
Marketing Coordinator

Language School Ecole

Frequently Asked Questions

French is considered moderately challenging for English speakers, but with the right resources and guidance, it becomes more accessible. Ecole‘s tailored approach and interactive learning materials make mastering French an achievable and enjoyable experience. Our courses are designed to simplify the learning process, ensuring students can confidently navigate the language. Embark on your French language journey with us at Ecole!

Certainly! While French and English share some similarities, French may pose a moderate challenge due to its unique pronunciation and grammatical nuances. However, with Ecole’s expert guidance, interactive materials, and personalized approach, mastering French becomes an achievable and enjoyable endeavor for English speakers. Our courses are designed to bridge the linguistic gap, making the learning process smoother and more rewarding. Join us at Ecole and embark on your French language journey with confidence!

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